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Braintree is a Norfolk County suburb located about 10 miles south of Boston. Braintree, named after a town in England, was incorporated in 1640 and now has a population of approximately 33,828. A history-rich community, John Adams, John Quincy Adams and John Hancock were all born in Braintree. While Braintree is heavily residential, it is also a growing center of business, offering shopping centers and office and industrial parks. Quincy District Court serves Braintree along with the communities of:

  • Holbrook
  • Cohasset
  • Quincy
  • Milton
  • Weymouth
  • Randolph

If you are a Braintree resident who has been charged with a drug crime in Massachusetts, you should be aware that your future is at risk. The consequences may involve jail time, fines, and forfeiture of your driver's license. Furthermore, the resulting criminal record will impact your ability to get a job, get into college or graduate school, enter military service, and obtain financial aid or scholarships. In short, your freedom, reputation and opportunities are all hanging in the balance. Having a drug crimes defense attorney working on your behalf can minimize or eliminate threats to your freedom and constitutional rights.

Unfortunately, many drug-related arrests stem from violations of constitutional rights. A skilled defense lawyer will meticulously review the way in which law enforcement obtained the evidence against you. If there is any indication that police conducted an unlawful search or seizure, that there was no probable cause, or that there was any other intrusion into your constitutional protections, a drug crimes attorney may be able to get evidence suppressed and the case thrown out. A defense lawyer with experience may also be able to make the critical difference between jail time and probation, between a serious or lesser charge, or between whether or not a drug crime will be on your criminal record. The facts of every case are different, and defense strategies vary. The only way to gain a full understanding of your rights and options is to consult with a criminal drug defense lawyer.

Experienced Criminal Drug Defense Throughout Massachusetts

The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. combats drug charges in Braintree and throughout the state. Stephen Neyman is relentless in his efforts to build the strongest defenses possible for his clients. His unique dedication, together with more than 20 years of experience, makes him one Massachusetts' best and most effective drug crimes defense attorneys. His superb reputation among his peers and clients demonstrates his talent and expertise. Time and again, his rare level of proficiency proves to be vital to his clients. Attorney Neyman's clients appreciate not only his skill but also his thoughtful attention and support. He knows that facing a drug charge can be extremely upsetting, and he takes care to make himself available to his clients.

If you have been charged with a Massachusetts drug crime (including but not limited to: possession, distribution, possession with intent, trafficking, conspiracy, counterfeit substances, or drug paraphernalia), contact the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. You can reach our office by calling 617-263-6800. Alternatively, you can contact us online through our website. It is extremely important to consult with an attorney right away. Because of that, our office can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.