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Massachusetts Drug Crimes Lawyer - Conspiracy

Drug arrests usually take place in an atmosphere of confusion, and it’s difficult for the police to pinpoint exactly who has possession of illegal substances. Law enforcement uses charges of conspiracy when they cannot clearly demonstrate who controlled or possessed illegal substances. First time, non-violent offenders charged with conspiracy can find themselves in prison for extended sentences– even when their only crime was to be in the same location as a person using or selling drugs.

If you have been arrested for conspiracy, depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, you could be facing serious charges. Your first step must be contacting an experienced Massachusetts Criminal Drug Defense Attorney to discuss your case. Call Stephen Neyman 617-263-6800 immediately or click here to send an email.

Law enforcement agencies recognize the sweeping nature of conspiracy charges, and it is understood that conspiracy is used when they don’t have the time or resources for a thorough investigation that would more properly determine who had possession of a controlled substance at the time of an arrest. It’s a sad truth that law enforcement uses the charge of conspiracy as a short cut to achieve a goal – but with the right attorney – this is a charge that can be vigorously fought.

Sentencing for conspiracy charges is harsh. If the person has had other offenses, especially any felony arrests, the sentences will be longer. Conspiracy is a serous criminal charge that demands the skills of an aggressive and experienced Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer – Stephen Neyman. Call 617-263-6800 immediately or click here to send an email.