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Federal Drug Crimes

Massachusetts Drug Crimes Lawyer Federal Drug Crimes

If you have been indicted on federal drug charges, the first thing you must do is retain the most effective, experienced, aggressive and bold federal drug crimes attorney you can find. An arrest by the FBI, DEA or ATF means that you are going to a face the full power of the federal government and the federal court system. The only person who can help you is your attorney. Call Stephen Neyman 617-263-6800 immediately or click here to send an email.

Federal drug cases are complex cases that require aggressive lawyering. Sentencing on federal cases takes into consideration the United States Sentencing Guidelines, complicated laws that are notorious for tripping up even seasoned practitioners. Penalties are severe, prison terms are long, and fines, depending on the offense, the quantity of drugs involved and any prior felony convictions, can be in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). This is not for the inexperienced.

For the last 20 years Attorney Stephen Neyman has worked on both sides of the criminal bar – both as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, California, and as a highly regarded successful criminal defense drug lawyer. He knows how federal drug crimes work and that knowledge can be put to work on your behalf. Call Stephen Neyman 617-263-6800 immediately or click here to send an email. No matter what time of day or night, weekend or holiday, you will reach a live person 24/7 and you will hear back from Attorney Neyman promptly. The seriousness of federal drug charges cannot be overemphasized.

The percentages of convictions are high – but a skilled Federal Criminal Drug Defense Lawyer will fight to get charges lowered, find strong arguments to challenge every possible aspect the arrest, and work hard to minimize sentences or fines. Attorney Stephen Neyman will use every angle possible to defend the case brought against you.

If you have been arrested by the FBI, DEA or ATF, you need to speak with a Federal Criminal Defense Drugs Attorney immediately. Call Stephen Neyman 617-263-6800 immediately or click here to send an email. Call at any time of the day or night, weekends, holidays, 24/7 or send an email and he will respond promptly.