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Lexington, a Middlesex County town, is probably best known for its Colonial and Revolutionary history. The first battle of the Revolutionary War took place in Lexington in 1775, and the town re-enacts the Battles of Lexington and Concord each year. Lexington has an area of 16.5 square miles and a population of 30,332. It borders Burlington, Winchester, Arlington, Woburn, Waltham, Lincoln, Belmont, and Bedford. The population of Lexington grew significantly during the 1960s and 70s. Lexington is nationally renowned for its excellent public schools, and it participates in the METCO program, designed to offer minority students from Boston a better education by busing them to the suburbs.

In both suburbs like Lexington and inner cities like Boston, however, use of drugs is not uncommon. There are many different drug crimes here in Massachusetts, including possession, possession with intent, distribution, trafficking, conspiracy, and more. Prosecutors and law enforcement take drug-related offenses very seriously. Perhaps because police are so zealous about eradicating drug crimes within our Commonwealth, they often violate the constitutional rights of suspected drug offenders. In efforts to appear as if they are catching serious offenders, police also look for anything that might indicate drug trafficking or distribution as opposed to personal use.

When facing any drug charge, the importance of having an experienced drug crimes defense attorney cannot be stressed enough. Many times, a skilled defense lawyer can get drug cases dismissed or succeed in getting them resolved in a way where the defendant will not have a criminal record. In any case, a good defense lawyer will work diligently to get the best outcome possible in the situation. Yet, when charged with a drug crime, a "good" lawyer may not be good enough. You will want the representation of an exceptional and highly-respected drug crimes defense attorney to fight for you at every step of the way.

Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense Attorney: 617-263-6800

Stephen Neyman is an exceptional drug crimes lawyer. Since the very beginning of his career, more than 20 years ago, his focus and passion has been criminal law. He has worked as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. He knows how the criminal justice system works from every angle, and he will explore every strategy to get results for you. Attorney Neyman will look into pretrial and trial defenses in drug cases. In drugs cases, the first move is often a motion to suppress evidence because the police frequently ignore the search and seizure requirements of the constitution. Attorney Neyman will also analyze the facts and circumstances of your case to determine whether there are grounds for motions to dismiss. In distribution cases, he will investigate the possibility of getting the charges reduced to straight possession.

Attorney Neyman prides himself on results, and his track record of success is lengthy. Unlike many other attorneys, he readily makes himself available to his clients and always keeps them informed. While his office is based in Boston, Attorney Neyman represents clients throughout Massachusetts. He has successfully represented many clients from Lexington and surrounding areas. If you have been charged with a drug crime, call the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. at 617-263-6800, day or night, or contact us online. Attorney Neyman will immediately get to work on your case.