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Melrose, Massachusetts is a residential Middlesex County city located north of Boston. Melrose borders Malden, Stoneham, Saugus, Revere, and Wakefield. Melrose offers great public schools, beautiful older homes, and a Victorian downtown. Melrose is home to two golf courses and Pine Banks. Melrose is unique in that it is a relatively quiet suburb that is located close to the more urban areas of Malden.

Generally, Melrose crime rates are not particularly high, but there are a substantial number of drug crimes that arise out of Melrose. In recent years, use of certain more serious drugs, such as Oxycontin and heroin, has reached almost epidemic heights in many places throughout Massachusetts and the country, and Melrose is no exception. Persons who are struggling with drug addictions often find themselves accused of possession of illegal drugs. Persons who sell or manufacture drugs or engage in drug trafficking find themselves in even greater danger and can face very serious penalties. Persons accused of drug crimes need to speak with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney about their options.

Criminal Drug Defense

Drug crimes defense work is very specialized. A skilled drug crimes lawyer will be familiar with all of the many ways in which your charge can be combated. In most drug cases, your lawyer will probably start by filing a motion to suppress evidence. These kinds of motions are filed when the police conducted an illegal search or seizure. Whether you were subjected to a warrantless search or searched pursuant to a warrant, a creative lawyer will often be able to find some solid way to challenge the legality of that experience. Other defenses that might be available in drug crimes cases, depending on the facts, include challenges to your ability to control the contraband, challenges to your intent to distribute where the amount of drugs would be more compatible with personal use, and challenges to the amount of drugs involved.

Massachusetts Drug Crimes

Here in Massachusetts, Chapter 94C of our General Laws is known as the Controlled Substances Act. In that chapter, you can find Massachusetts drug crimes and the very harsh punishments that come along with them. Drug crimes include drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, illegally dispensing drugs, distributing drugs, possessing drugs, possessing drugs with the intent to distribute, cultivating drugs, and drug conspiracy. Controlled substances are divided into classes from Class A to Class E, the former being the most serious and the latter being the least serious. For example, being an extremely hard drug, heroin is a Class A substance. Drugs such as codeine, which are relatively less dangerous, are Class E substances. Common drugs that fall in between these two extremities are cocaine (Class B) and marijuana (Class D).

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If you are a Melrose resident who has been accused of any drug crime, the staff of talented professionals at the Law Office of Stephen Neyman, P.C. can help you. Stephen Neyman has been handling drug cases for more than 20 years and is one of the best defense lawyers in the state. He aggressively defends against Massachusetts and federal drug charges. To reach Attorney Neyman's office, call 617-263-6800 (twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week). He also always welcomes and quickly responds to e-mails.

Stephen Neyman not only handles cases in Melrose and surrounding areas, but also in towns and cities in all Massachusetts counties. No matter where you are located, do not hesitate to call on Boston criminal defense attorney Stephen Neyman.