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Newton is a Massachusetts city in Middlesex County. A wealthy suburb, Newton is about seven miles from Boston. Newton became a city in 1873 and is known as the “Garden City.” Newton is home to some of the best public schools in Massachusetts and several colleges and universities. There are more than 80,000 Newton residents, and the city is about 18.2 square miles. Boston criminal defense attorney Stephen Neyman can often be found in Newton District Court. Drug crimes happen even in nice communities like Newton, and when charged with a drug crime it is important to contact a Massachusetts drug crimes attorney immediately.

Massachusetts Criminal Drug Defense

Here in Massachusetts, if you possess, use, distribute, or produce illegal drugs, you can be charged with a drug crime. Both the state and federal governments devote a great deal of resources to smoke out drug offenders, and drug laws and punishments can be extremely harsh. Drug offenses that are common in Massachusetts include:

  • Possession. The most commonly used drugs in Massachusetts are heroin, cocaine, marijuana and Oxycontin. Therefore, most possession charges involve these substances. If charged with possession, a drug crimes defense lawyer can make critical differences in your case, especially if you are a first time offender.
  • Possession with intent to distribute. Possession with intent to distribute is significantly more serious than simple possession. An experienced Massachusetts drug defense attorney will work aggressively to get these charges reduced to a lesser offense.
  • Drug trafficking. Drug trafficking charges absolutely require the skillful representation of a knowledgeable Massachusetts drug crimes lawyer. Most commonly, drug trafficking charges involve marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Facing mandatory minimums sentences, you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you have been charged with drug trafficking.
Experienced Defense Attorney

Stephen Neyman is one of the most seasoned criminal drug defense lawyers in Massachusetts. He has more than 20 years of experience to offer his clients. He has worked as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, and this gives him valuable insight into how district attorneys will approach his clients’ drug cases. From decades of hard work and exceptional results, Attorney Neyman has gained the respect of judges, prosecutors, fellow attorneys, and clients.

Attentive Client Service

Stephen Neyman gives his clients the careful attention that they need in their difficult predicaments. If you retain the services of Stephen Neyman, you will never be ignored. Attorney Neyman makes it a priority to keep communication flowing.

Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C.: 617-263-6800

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Newton or if you would like to speak with an experienced lawyer about any criminal matter, call the Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. today. Stephen Neyman’s office has successfully represented countless individuals accused of drug crimes. Phone consultations are free, so do not hesitate to call 617-263-6800 or contact Attorney Neyman through e-mail. You can reach Attorney Neyman’s office 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.