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East Boston

East Boston is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Historically, East Boston has had a strong Italian American population, but today there are many Brazilian, Colombian and South American immigrants residing in East Boston. East Boston offers beautiful views of the Boston skyline, Constitution Beach, Suffolk Downs, proximity to downtown and Logan International Airport, and several well-known Italian restaurants.

Drug activities, whether use, dealing, manufacturing, or trafficking, affect East Boston and neighborhoods, cities and towns everywhere. Both the Massachusetts and federal governments have relatively complex laws relating to drug crimes, and these laws can be very difficult to understand for those who are not trained in the law. These laws can also involve extremely harsh punishments, including mandatory minimum sentences, fines, probation, community service, rehabilitation programs, loss of driving privileges and property, and more. Given this, consulting with a qualified drug lawyer should be your first move.

Massachusetts Criminal Drug Defense

There are many different defenses available to those who are accused of drug crimes, but only a skilled and knowledgeable drug crimes defense lawyer will be able to properly raise them. These include lack of possession, lack of intent to distribute the drugs, lack of distribution, entrapment, challenges to weight, challenges to whether the substance was a narcotic, failure to investigate, and more. Drug crimes also frequently involve constitutional search and seizure issues. An experienced lawyer will immediately determine whether your rights have been violated and move to suppress illegally seized evidence or dismiss your case. There are many different defense options, and a zealous criminal defense attorney will explore all of them.

Massachusetts Drug Crimes

Massachusetts drug crimes may involve possession of drugs, possession with intent to distribute drugs, conspiracy, trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, and more. In our state, drugs are divided into different classes, from Class A to Class E. Class A drugs are harder drugs, including heroin, and Class E are the less serious substances, with the other classes at varying levels in between.

Aggressive Defense of all Drug Charges

Stephen Neyman has been aggressively handling drug cases for more than 20 years. An expert in drug crimes, he is the lawyer to call to defend you. He is an extremely talented lawyer who works very hard to make sure that his clients receive the full benefits of capable legal representation. Attorney Neyman represents persons accused of all kinds of drug crimes in every court, district and superior, in Massachusetts. He also handles drug crimes in federal court on a regular basis.

Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C.: 617-263-6800

The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman, P.C. is located in downtown Boston on Congress Street, just minutes from East Boston. If you or someone you know is an East Boston resident who is facing a drug charge, call Attorney Neyman’s office at 617-263-6800 or send him an e-mail as soon as possible. Attorney Neyman offers free phone consultations, so you should have no qualms about contacting him for help. Whether it is day or night, a weekday or a weekend, Stephen Neyman’s office is reachable.

Not only does Stephen Neyman handle drug cases in East Boston and surrounding areas, but he also represents individuals all over the state including: